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Bosch technical literature includes more than 40 titles clarifying design and theory of operation and engineering of today"s most sophisticated automotive systems.

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Bosch Technical Abbreviations

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The "Bosch Yellow Jackets" provide a clear and concise overview of the theory of operation, component design, model variations, and technical terminology for the Bosch product line, and give a solid foundation for better diagnostics and servicing.

Emissions-Control Technology for Diesel Engines Emissions-Control Technology for Diesel Engines

  • Minimizing pollutants and exhaust-gas treatment
  • Particulate filter
  • On-Board Diagnosis (OBD)

  • Diesel Fuel-Injection System Common Rail Diesel Fuel-Injection System Common Rail

  • System overview of passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Piezo-inline injectors
  • High pressure pumps

  • Driving Stability Systems Driving Stability Systems

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Antilock Braking System (ABS)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Automatic Brake Functions

  • Bosch Technical Abbreviations
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    ABS: Antilock braking system
    ADC: Analog-digital converter
    ALE: Address Latch Enable
    ALU: Arithmetic logic unit
    ASIC: Application-specific integrated circuit
    ASR: "Antriebsschlupfregelung",
    i.e. traction control
    ASSP: Application-specific standard product

    BKS: "Bauteilkontrollsystem",
    i.e. component checking system
    ( > printed-circuit-board manufacture, production process)

    CAD: Computer-aided design
    CAE: Computer-aided engineering
    CAM: Computer-aided manufacturing
    CCD: Charged-coupled device
    CISC: Complex instruction-set computer
    CPU: Central processing unit
    (of a > microcontroller)

    DAC: Digital-analog converter
    DMA: Direct-memory access

    EEPROM: Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
    EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility
    EPROM: Erasable programmable read-only memory
    ESP: Electronic stability program

    FET: Field-effect transistor
    Flash-EPROM: Flash erasable programmable read-only memory

    HDL: Hardware Description Language

    I/O ports: Input/output ports
    IC: Integrated circuit
    ICT: In-circuit test
    ( > printed-circuit-board manufacture, production process)

    LED: Light-emitting diode
    LKS: "Lagekontrollsystem",
    i.e. position checking system
    ( > printed-circuit-board manufacture, production process)
    LSI: Large-scale integration
    LTCC: Low-temperature cofired ceramic

    MOS: Metal-oxide semiconductor
    MSI: Medium-scale integration

    PC: Personal computer
    PROM: Programmable read-only memory

    RAM: Random-access memory
    RISC: Reduced instruction-set computer
    ROM: Read-only memory

    SiO2: Silicon dioxide
    SMD: Surface-mounted device
    SMT: Surface-mounting technology
    SoC: System on a chip
    SSI: Small-scale integration

    TCS: Traction control system

    UV light: Ultraviolet light

    VHDL: Visual Hardware Description Language
    VLSI: Very-large-scale integration

    µC: Microcontroller

    Bosch Handbooks

    Bosch Kraftfahrtechnisches Taschenbuch: 25. Auflage

    Bosch Automotive Electrics/Automotive Electronics

    Automotive Lighting Technology, Windshield and Rear-Window Cleaning

    Bosch Gasoline-Engine Management

    Emissions-control technology for gasoline engines

    Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management

    Bosch Safety, Comfort and Convenience Systems

    Compressed Air Systems for Commercial Vehicles: 2

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