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1970 GTO - The Humbler

Chapter 10: Judge...and Judgement
Purists generally consider the front-end of the 1970 Goat the best-looking of any GTO. The use of the Endura color-matched soft-nosed front-end, begun in 1968, was expanded to include the "frenched" (recessed) headlights. There was a new theme line for GTO this year. The Great One was now "The Humbler." DeLorean had left for Chevrolet by this time, and Jim McDonald was now Pontiac's General Manager. The tag (The Humbler) aroused concern from GM's management and ire from newly-established Federal safety police because they thought it promoted dangerous, competitive street driving. The term disappeared very shortly into the model year. By the way, the critics of the term were, in my opinion, correct: we were trying to promote competitive performance.