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"All in all, a good read even for those who don"t have any particular love for the GTO. Wangers is a pro writer, so you won"t end up clutching your head in incomprehension or groaning at yet another passage in generic ghost-writerese, and you"ll come away from the book with a much improved understanding of the way marketers create our cars. Four-rod rating; Murilee says check it out!"

June 2009

"Jim Wangers offers a unique insider's perspective on the Detroit auto industry in its post Second World War heyday..."

Automotive Parts & Technology
January/February, 1999

"A genuine inside story well told is always welcome. Which is why I had a great time reading "Glory Days" by Jim Wangers...Wangers offers insight into where Detroit went wrong with passionless interchangeable executives running the business. And perhaps intentionally, perhaps not, Wangers also gives us insight into what goes wrong when the marketing whizzes have it all their way. He spent 45 years in the business and had a pretty good time, it would seem. You can relive it in a couple of hours and have a pretty good read..."

The Boston Globe
November 21, 1998

"Glory Days" is Wanger's life, sort of a collection of memoirs linked with a Rolodex of names, places and experiences, many of which will be recognizable for even casual acquantances of old Detroit: "Bunkie" Knudsen, Woodward Avenue, Royal Pontiac Bobcats . . . "Glory Days" is about remembering and preserving - and just maybe helping history repeat itself..."

San Diego Union Tribune
October 17, 1998

"...the book provides what is perhaps one of the most comprehensive insights into the workings of the entire domestic auto industry....
"Glory Days" should be required reading for anyone even thinking about entering the greater automotive business..."

Pontiac Enthusiast
Fall 1998

"...Glory Days conjures up images of cruise nights, impromptu drag races, and genuine American fun. It is the story of the GTO, Tigers and Monkees, of Royal Pontiac, drag racing, corporate politics, and personal allegiances..."

The Eagle, magazine of the National Firebird Club
Fall 1998

"This book has received the prestigious MOTO award presented by the International Automotive Media Conference for the Automotive Book of the Year (1998). Perhaps never was a copywriter more born to write about the topic he ended up with than Wangers . . . This book is filled with fascinating portraits of a variety of personalities [and] fascinating trivia . . . It is filled with the wisdom of someone who knows the game better than most..."

Northwest Motor Magazine
January 1999

"If you read stories in The [Shreveport] Times, USA Today, or many national publications about GM, periodically you're gong to run into Wangers' name and quotes. The reason is simple: He is one of the most respected automotive marketing professionals in the country. If you are looking for a good read or . . . interested in either marketing or the automotive industry, this just might be your gift..."

The Shreveport Times
November 29, 1998

"Within the pages of Glory Days is an extraordinary account of an individual at the executive level who helped reshape the American automobile of the late '50s, '60s, and '70s as well as a look into GM's top management - its successes and failures . . . interesting reading for any automotive enthusiast..."

High Performance Pontiac
February 1999