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Table of Contents

1 Getting the Fever
Finding a true calling: working with cars and marketing them
2 Learning the Ropes
At Kaiser, learning what a good tie-in promotion requires - but not enough power to buck the system
3 Early Successes...and Failures
First ignored, then tolerated, product knowledge leads to Chevrolet success; arrogance to a job loss
4 Temporary Insider
A chance to work at Chrysler gives experience as the client, but happiness is fleeting
5 A Player on the "Hot" Team
A move to Pontiac, where big changes are redefining the car, marketing ideas win power
6 The Royal Treatment
How Royal Pontiac made "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" work, all the way to an NHRA drag racing win
7 Forging the Bonds
The final players take their place for the start of the musclecar era, as the GTO is born
8 The Tiger Learns to Roar
Firing on all cylinders: GTO marketing ranges from magazines to shoes to breakfast cereal to Tigers to Monkees
9 Shifting Gears
Major changes in corporate policies force a rethinking of marketing strategies
10 Judge...and judgement
As the GTO reaches its apogee, the author falls victim to corporate politics
11 Dealing Myself Out
Adventures at Hurst; how running a dealership is not the same as marketing cars
12 Nothing but Sizzle
Take one car, add stripes, a spoiler, a wheel package and paint, and presto! a new model
13 The Consultant
Building a business out of performance comparisons
14 Why the Tiger Roared
Marketing and brand management in today’s environment, and how the Wide-Track concept would fare today
Afterword: Preserving the Legend
The importance of the car hobby today
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