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The Golden Age of Muscle Cars
January/February, 1999

Jim Wangers offers a unique insider's perspective on the Detroit auto industry in its post Second World War heyday.

Wangers was no Motor City lightweight. Known as the ?Godfather of the GTO,? he helped build the vehicle that would change the American muscle-car genre forever. Having worked with John DeLorean, he's able to give an enlightening account of how a simple Pontiac Tempest was transformed into the pavement-pounding ?Grand Turismo Omologato' back in 1963.

But the beauty of this book goes beyond the scope of the GTO. Filled with more than 200 illustrations, Wanger takes a look at how car manufacturers spend millions to develop a name and brand image for a vehicle, and how car models are ?positioned' to best capitalize on promotional opportunities.

Glory Days by Jim Wangers is published by Robert Bentley Inc., Cambridge, MA.
Website: www.bentleypublishers.com