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"So often you hear older riders deploring the lack of "character" in today's motorcycles, yet it's clear that the modern product is better in every measurable way than the product of the 1960s and '70s. Is "character" to be dismissed as just oil leaks seen through rose-colored glasses? Or is there more to it?

This week, my reading has revealed a view that clarifies this question. I've been reading the excellent engineering autobiography of the late William Milliken, Equations of Motion...

And who was William Milliken? He was a founding father of automatic flight control for aircraft, who then moved into the vehicle dynamics of cars. If we trace back the origins of the electronic control systems now being widely adopted on motorcycles, we eventually come to William Milliken.

Cycle World
January 22, 2014

"From his teens to his 90's, William F. "Bill" Milliken has played a pioneering role in the key technical achievements of the American Century - the development of airplanes and automobiles for maximum stability and control.

Winding Road
Issue 105 cover - August 7, 2013

"Before Busch and Gordon, Watkins Glen was wowed by Linton and Milliken, and the 1948 crash that started it all

Mountain Home
September 2012

"Want the best read of your year? Get hold of a copy of Equations of Motion"


"No matter what aspect of design interests you, you will find inspiration in this thoughtful man"s history and his careful recounting of numerous projects and adventures, each of them worth a book of its own."

Auto & Design
No. 178 / Settembre/Ottobre 2009

"For the technically-minded, the accounts [Milliken] gives of the projects with which he has been involved will be of great interest, while for the racing enthusiast, it is a fascinating story of the growth of road racing in the United States."

Vintage Sports Car Club Bulletin
No. 264 / Summer 2009

"More pages for less money? This is not a sign of the new economy but a birthday present to the author who is now a proud 98."

The Flying Lady (Rolls-Royce Owner"s Club magazine)
July/August 2009

"William F. Milliken"s autobiography, "Equations of Motion," is a marvelously entertaining read, all 658 pages. It is the remarkable story of a remarkable man . . . It will serve as the textbook to scholars of [motor racing]."

Cam Argetsinger - International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen newsletter
July 2007

"[Equations of Motion] is a book full of science, adventure, philosophy and humour, copiously illustrated with rare photographs, that will intrigue a broad range of those interested in both aircraft and vehicle engineering."

Racecar Engineering
November 2006

"His automotive innovations have earned him the highest engineering honors, and his technical books are required reading for automotive engineers and students. But what really makes Milliken"s life interesting is his lifelong adventure of making rollicking play of challenging work."

Automotive Engineering International
February 2007

"Even at 6S0 pages, this book seems insufficient to capture the full measure of Milliken"s industrious life . . . [this book] will captivate anyone who has even the remotest sense of wonder at the incomprehensibly quick advances in locomotion in the space of just one century."

The Flying Lady
March/April 2007

"His autobiography belongs on all of our shelves."

Vintage Sports Car Magazine
No. 1 2007

" . . . revel in the experiences of an amazing man, and a very full life."

May 2007

"Well written and edited and illustrated with great photos of both his aviation and automobile careers . . ."

Vintage Airplane
June 2007

"A large, heavy book, but very readable, and an important record of the early days of the aeronautical engineering profession."

Daedalus Flyer

"Tales of adventure, told with old-fashioned charm, animate this thoroughly detailed life story."

MIT Technology Review
May June 2007

"Beginning with the adolescent who was equal parts Peter Pan and Dennis the Menace, and who really hasn"t changed much more than eight decades later, Bill"s life has been one of unrelenting adventure, together with risk and innovation."

The Buick Bugle
February, 2008

"It"s just a fascinating look at motion through the 20th century."

Vanity Fair
March, 2008

""Equations of Motion" is an engaging portrayal of doing one"s best, following one"s dreams and taking the adventurous route to solving real challenges."

Automobile Quarterly
Fourth Quarter 2006

"Equations of Motion is a good read - a nice mix of anecdote, history and science, with just a dash of moral philosophy. Milliken set out to live a life of adventure and excitement, and he succeeded."

October 2007

"[Bill] is a true American hero and I think every Bugatti owner and automobile enthusiast will find the entire book to be very enjoyable."

Pur Sang - A Publication of the American Bugatti Club
Fall 2006

" . . . a worthwhile read. Bill Milliken"s personal memoir covering the nine decades of his fascinating life is a real treat, and racers will find his track exploits especially entertaining."

Vintage Motorsport
March/April 2007

" . . . a chronicle of engineering developments in the airplane, automobile, and the auto racing industries."

SciTech Book News
March 2007

"Equations of Motion is both a revealing personal memoir and a repository of insightful and expert musings on the essence and findings of research into the dynamics of ground and air vehicles."

Winding Road
March 2007

"A wonderfully entertaining book . . . he recounts challenges and joys in the air and on the ground"

General Aviation News
January 5, 2007

"Book of the month . . . A must for all car and aircraft enthusiasts."

Classic & Sports Car
February 2007

"Whatever your leanings, Bill"s story is a delight."

Road & Track
December 2006

"...each picture is surrounded by text that is as riveting as it is informative ..."

SCCA SportsCar
September 2006