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Toronto Star
Beetle book a boffo bet
If you are a fan of the air-cooled Beetle, don’t miss this book.
It’s one of the best volumes I’ve seen documenting the history of the Beetle.
The collection of photographs presented, both new and vintage, come from private collections as well as from Volkswagen AG’s own archives.
The images give Volkswagen Beetle, Portrait of a Legend its personality.
They are mostly black and white, but there are a few colour shots as well.
They range from the comical to your standard public relations picture to the inspired.
The sheer size of the book (30cm by 21cm)allows for plenty of captivating detail in each.
One outstanding photo shows a man standing up, inside a wrecked Beetle.
The car is on its side, however, so he is standing with his head popping out through the door while having a heated discussion with a police officer.