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"Beetle book a boffo bet."

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Toronto Star

"Mr. Baaske and Bentley Publishers both deserve congratulations for doing a superb job capturing the essence of the vehicle, and presenting it in a most attractive format. This book comes very highly recommended!"

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Vintage Voice
April, 2000

"Starting with a handsome cover featuring Beetles old and new and continuing inside with great pictures and a text as simple and straightforward as the car itself, Volkswagen Beetle: Portrait of a Legend is a real pleaser . . . In 60 years of production, the original Beetle had plenty of time to win fans. This book will delight every one of them."

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Road & Track
May, 1999

"These are not your typical car shots showing different models. These are natural people in natural settings from the ’30s up to the late ’60s. It’s more like you’re looking through somebody’s family photo album except all having VW’s."

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VW Autoist
March/April, 1999