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Grassroots Motorsports - June 2009 - cover

Grassroots Motorsports - June 2009

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MINI has stuffed a lot of technology into a very small package, and that means the car contains a host of complicated computer and electronic componends. As a result, the onboard diagnostics system can be a little frightening to navigate without help.

Help is here in the form of "MINI Cooper Diagnosis Without Guesswork" from Bentley Publishers. The new book is a complement to the company's already thorough catalog of service manuals. It works its way through all of the diagnostic trees and is designed for both skilled DYIers and service professionals. As a result, some of the processes require multiple reads or very specialized equipment. Of course, this is more a result of the car's design than the way the manual's information is presented.

Grassroots Motorsports - June 2009 - review
Review of MINI Cooper - Diagnosis Without Guesswork: 2002-2006 from Grassroots Motorsports - June 2009