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"The handbook is designed for easy use and simple navigation. Pages are balanced with white space, graphs, schematics (score!) and easy-to-read bulleted lists. The sections are broken down logically, and everything that could possibly be represented in pictures is shown either through an actual photo or a well-labled graphic . . . the book explains everything you need to know in basic, simple terms . . . The most impressive aspect of Bentley"s manual is that while you"d expect to see it lying around a technician"s shop, it"s ultimately comprehensible to the lay person with a scan tool and the itch to know what"s going on inside the car"s electronic and mechanical operations."

June 2009

"Help is here . . . a complement to [Bentley Publishers"] already thorough catalog of service manuals. It works its way through all of the diagnostic decision trees and is designed for both skilled DYIers and service professionals. Four stars."

Grassroots Motorsports
June 2009