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Bosch Compressed Air Systems for Commercial Vehicles: 2

Table of Contents

Component groups A to G:

Component group A: Compressed-air supply
Air compressor
Pressure regulator
Air dryers
Air-pressure sensor
Overflow valve
Dual-circuit protection valve
Four-circuit protection valve
Drain valve
Pressure relief element

Component group B: Service-brake system
Brake servo-unit cylinder
Dual-circuit brake assembly
Service-brake valve
Load-sensing valve
Diaphragm actuator
Combi-brake cylinder
Dual-circuit actuator cylinder for the brake master cylinder
ABS components

Component group C: Parking-brake system
Two-position valve
Three-position valve
Relay valve
Spring-type brake actuator

Component group D: Trailer control
Trailer control valve
Coupling heads "Supply" and "Brakes"

Component group E: Pneumatic suspension
Height-control valve and air-spring bellows
Electronically-controlled pneumatic suspension (ELF)

Component group F: Door control
Solenoid valve
Rotary actuator

Component group G: Traction control TCS