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Commercial-vehicle compressed-air systems comprise the compressed-air brake system itself and, depending upon the vehicle concerned, an Antilock Brake System (ABS), a traction control (ASR), a pneumatic (or air) suspension (for which electronic control (ELF) has recently been introduced); and a door-control system.

Among other things, it is the job of the compressed-air brake system to
- Brake the vehicle so that its speed is appropriate for the surrounding traffic flow and for the prevailing driving conditions, as well as to
- Brake the vehicle to a standstill and to keep it stationary when it is parked or not being driven.

Details of the equipment for compressed-air generation and supply, as well as for the closed and open-loop control of the various brake systems installed in tractor vehicles and trailers, together with information on the components used for ABS, traction control (ASR), pneumatic suspension, and door control, are to be found in this Technical Instruction.

Volume 1, "Basics, systems, and diagrams", of this Technical Instruction series, deals with how the above equipment is combined to form units, and how these function together in an installation.

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