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BMW Alpina Performance Portfolio: 1988-1998

Softcover, 8 in. x 10 3/4 in.
140 pages
300 illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1212-6
Price: $24.95

BMW Alpina Performance Portolio: 1988-1998

This BMW Alpina Performance Portolio: 1988-1998 is a collection of 34 original articles compiled from the pages of Road & Track. The information collected in these reprinted articles includes 6 road tests, plus specifications, touring and long-term reports.

Models included in this BMW Alpina compilation

  • BMW Alpina 635CSi
  • BMW Alpina B3
  • BMW Alpina B3 Touring
  • BMW Alpina B8 4.6
  • BMW Alpina B6S
  • BMW Alpina B7
  • BMW Alpina B6
  • BMW Alpina B10
  • BMW Alpina B10 Bi-turbo
  • BMW Alpina B10 3.5
  • BMW Alpina B10 Touring
  • BMW Alpina B10 V8
  • BMW Alpina B11
  • BMW Alpina B12
  • BMW Alpina C2 2.7
  • BMW Alpina C2 2.7 Caloric
  • BMW Alpina C2 Touring

Alpina started in the mid-1960s as the purveyor of tuning accessories. By the time the first cars in this book were built they were a sophisticated entity and put together as a complete package by Alpina or, uniquely, by Sytner in Britain who assemble all the right-hand drive models. Alpina had only a brief flirtation with turbo charging because the company believed it lacked the refinement, which its increasingly demanding customers wanted. This is a collection of road and comparison tests with specification and technical data.

BMW Alpina Perf Portfolio 1988-98
BMW Alpina Perf Portfolio 1988-98
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