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Table of Contents

Author’s Note
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Who was Porsche?
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The Lohner-Porsche Chaise


Engines for Flying Machines


Back to Austria

Return to Stuttgart

The Scheme

Project No. 12

The Zundapp "Volksauto"

Porsche Visits Russia

A Racing Project

The N.S.U.-"Volksauto"

Cars and Politics

An Important Memorandum

The Official Order
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Volkswagen "Series 3"

A Plot Fails
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Visit to the U.S.A.

Volkswagen Prototype Tests

Different Opinion

On Hitler’s Instructions

Gathering the Experts

Count von Schulenburg’s Estate

The Architect

The Foundation Stone

The Shadow of War

Rommel’s Choice

The War Years

Chaos, Occupation and Prison

A Different Start

Project 356

Prosperity Town

Beyond Expectation

Fair for All