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Land Rover - Winching in Safety

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Winching in Safety

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by Rover Group Ltd.

Softcover, 8 1/4 in. x 11 1/2 in.
104 pages
Rover Group No. LRWHH
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1634-6
Price: $29.95

A winch adds a great deal to the versatility of an off-road vehicle. This Land Rover Guide to Winching describes the various types of winch available that are approved for fitting to Land Rovers and Range Rovers, and how to use them safety for the casual user. Written and published by the Rover Group Ltd.

Land Rover - Winching in Safety
Land Rover - Winching in Safety
ISBN: 0-8376-1634-4 (ISBN-10)
ISBN: 978-0-8376-1634-6 (ISBN-13)
Permalink: http://www.bentleypublishers.com/c/YRY2