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Land Rover»s Manual for Africa

Working in the Wild

Land Rover's Manual for Africa

by Rover Group Ltd.

Softcover, 5 3/4 in. x 8 3/4 in.
230 pages
500 black and white photos and illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1040-5
Price: $39.95


From Section 3.I - Driving Off-Road - A Pictorial Guide

Working in the Wild: Land Rover's Manual for Africa is designed to equip Land Rover users with the practical know-how it takes to make the most of the vehicle's capacity for hard work in hostile conditions.

The aim of the authors has been to produce a no-nonsense guide which can be used by virtually anyone to keep a Land Rover running to maximum efficiency and effect almost anywhere on Earth. It is based upon the in-depth operating experience of Land Rover engineers and users throughout the world over many years.

The book looks at every stage of the working life of a Land Rover - the selection and purchasing of the right kind of Land Rover - how to drive it to maximum effect - how to look after it away from conventional workshops - how to avoid problems - how to overcome unavoidable difficulties - and much more.


When winching and driving, keep tension on the winch wire. a sudden snatch, as the winch wire alternately becomes slack and takes load again, will damage the winch and its cable, and will lead to premature cable failure.

It has been welcomed by international agencies and specialists who themselves have faced the conditions and situations for which it offers advice.
Land Rover»s Manual for Africa
Land Rover»s Manual for Africa
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