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Press Reviews for the Jeep Owner's Bible

"...if you own a Jeep, be it a Cherokee or Pickup - or are even contemplating such a purchase-look no further; this really is a bible for Jeep owners."

October 18, 1993

"Definitive is an often-overused word but I'd be hard-pressed to call this massive compendium anything else. In clear, easy-to-understand language, Ludel devotes twenty chapters to the history, maintenance, and operation of this remarkable American archetype in all its forms. Whether you're interested in step-by-step service instruction, offroad driving tips, accessory suggestions, or restoration pointers, this authoritative manual will guide you every step of the way."

Field & Stream
January 1993

"As a whole, the information in the Jeep Owner's Bible is encyclopedic. If it has to do with Jeeps, it's likely in this book somewhere. Moses's Jeep rememberances are interspersed throughout, which breaks up the facts and figures.

All in all, those who are passionate about Jeeps - 3.5 million have been sold since 1945, will find the Jeep Owner's Bible and indispensable and quickly dog-eared addition to their reference collection."

Off Road Magazine
March 1993

"This lavishly illustrated publication is billed as being the definitive guide to the Jeep owning experience....contains history and little-known trivia to dazzle even the most knowledgeable enthusiast"

Custom Truck and Trail Canada
March / April 1993

"Jeep Owner's Bible is a valuable reference book on the vehicles that started the sports-utility market in 1945. Author Moses Ludel leads you through the development of the Jeep's all-American success story, shares tips on buying new or used Jeeps, and suggests modifications and accessories."

Trailer Life
April 1993

"...similar in coverage to Chilton's paperback series on individual models, except that Ludel's treatment is more personal, safety conscious, and better illustrated. Ludel also has chapters on performance modifications and accessories. All you'd ever want to know about Jeeps."

May 15, 1993

"Moses Ludel has written a wonderfully informative "bible" that ever Jeep enthusiast should have. This volume is destined to become the standard reference work."

Petersen's 4-Wheel and Off-Road Magazine
August 1993

"This book, by Moses Ludel, will doubtless appeal to stalwart Jeep owners who want to learn how to keep their machines in top shape and to those thinking of taking the plunge into classic or modern Jeep ownership...could be one of the best tools owners could pack before heading off to the back of beyond with their newly acquired Jeeps."

Old Cars News & Marketplace
December 31, 1992