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Jeep® CJ Rebuilder's Manual: 1946 to 1971

Jeep® CJ table of contents:

Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Disassembling Your Jeep,
see Chapter 1
Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Engine Rebuilding,
see Chapter 2
Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Transmission and Clutch, see Chapter 3
Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Axle Rebuilding and Upgrades,
see Chapter 5
Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Electrical and Ignition System Upgrades, see Chapter 8
Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Fuel and Exhaust Systems,
see Chapter 9
Jeep® CJ Rebuilder
Accessories and Safety Equipment,
see Chapter 10
1 Disassembling Your Jeep
A Place to Start
2 Engine Rebuilding
Jeep Engines
Four Cylinder Engine Disassembly
Engine Machine Work
Four Cylinder Engine Re-Assembly
Buick V-6 Engine
Jeep Engine Specifications
3 Transmission and Clutch
Jeep Transmissions
Rebuilding the Venerable T-90
T-98A/T-18 Four Speed Rebuild
Retrofitting the T-98/T-18 Four-Speed
T-14 Transmission Diagrams
4 Transfer Case and Overdrive
Transfer Case Disassembly
Assembling the Transfer Case
Installing the Warn-type Overdrive
5 Axle Rebuilding and Upgrades
Front and Rear Axles
Front Axle Disassembly
Rebuilding the Front Axle Assembly
Front Axle Shafts and Steering Knuckle Assembly
Carrier Assembly and Aftermarket Locker
Tapered Axle Service and Hubs
Full-floating Rear Axle Shaft Conversion
Data and Specifications
6 Frame, Suspension, and Body Repair
Frame Repairs
Spring, Shackles and Bushings
Body Modifications and Metal Parts Restoration Tips
Sheet Metal Restoration Basics
Frame Measurement Methods
7 Steering and Brake Service
Ross Cam-and-Lever Steering Gear Rebuild
Modernizing the Jeep Steering System
Building a Steering Column
Brake System Service and Upgrades
Vintage 9-inch, Single Master Cylinder Braking System
Pedal and Brake Adjustment Tips
Brake System Modernization and Upgrades
Warn's Wheel Hub Bearing Adjustment Method
OEM Wheel Bearing Adjustment Method
Brake Upgrade: The Hydraulic System
8 Electrical and Ignition System Upgrades
Electrical System Upgrades
Ignition System and Upgrades
Performance Upgrade for Jeep Ignitions
OEM Wiring Diagrams
9 Fuel and Exhaust Systems
Carter One-Barrel Carburetors
Engine Air Intake and Filtration
Exhaust Systems
10 Accessories and Safety Equipment
What's Next?
A Appendix


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