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Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace May 9, 2002

Corvette from the Inside -
Through 50 years of production, there have been only three Corvette chief engineers. The second of them, Dave McLellan, is the first to share the story of the Corvette, and readers reap the benefits with a rare, inside, and behind-the-scenes look at the Corvette from an entirely new perspective.

In Corvette from the Inside, McLellan talks about his years at the center of Corvette Engineering, his take on Corvette history, and the details that have made the Corvette and American favorite.

As McLellan describes the incredible highs and lows in the life of the Corvette, he also paints the bigger picture of the American auto industry"s ability to rebuild itself whenever its survival is threatened.

McLellan includes original sketches and charts drawn by him exclusively for this book, scores of archival photos from GM, photos from his personal collection, and, of course, his own first-hand memories of 32 years at General Motors.