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"For Corvette fans, and for anyone who wants to understand the march of automotive technology over the past 50 years, McLellan's book is a great addition."

Car and Driver
January, 2004

"McLellan's book . . . steers clear of the corporate politics, yet tells more than he intended by outlining the various hurdles and deals necessary to get the fourth generation [Corvette] into production."

Field Guide to Automotive Technology
November, 2003

"...a compelling read..."

Road & Track
June, 2003

"It's not often that you find a car volume with this much insight."

Toronto Star
March 8, 2003

"One could search high and low and not find a more credible source for telling the story of the Corvette's evolution..."

Motor Trend
April 2003

"I was-and am-very impressed with Corvette From the Inside and highly recommend it to all Corvette enthusiasts."

Vette Magazine
February, 2002

"In his new book, Corvette From the Inside, former chief engineer Dave McLellan follows the development of Corvette from its inception through ideas for its future. Although McLellan contributed significantly to three Corvette generations, he is perhaps most often associated with the 1984-96 fourth generation, with the awesome 1990-95 ZR-1 considered his crowning achievement. Here is an excerpt (abridged) from McLellan's ZR-1 chapter. We pick up with the story just before the car's unveiling in Geneva."

Corvette Quarterly
Winter, 2002

"...a ’behind the blueprints’ approach that will answer every tiny little question you ever had or thought about thinking up, about the innards of the Chevy beast."

October 2, 2002

"Two new books on the Corvette rank as must-haves for anyone interested in the marque."

Popular Mechanics
October, 2002

"You should read Dave McLellan's Corvette from the Inside..."

The Corvette Restorer
Summer, 2002

". . .thorough in its study of Corvette history - particularly during the era when [McLellan] was an active participant - and thus becomes an ideal companion for Burton"s Arkus-Duntov biography."

August, 2002

"...from what we have seen, you’ll want it..."

Victory Lane
June, 2002

"I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend it."

Vette Vues
July, 2002

". . .a rare, inside, and behind-the-scenes look at the Corvette from an entirely new perspective."

Old Cars Weekly
May 9, 2002