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BMW 3 Series Gold Portfolio: 1991-1997

BMW 3 Series Gold Portfolio table of contents
BMW 3 Grows up Gracefully Autocar Dec 3 1990
BMW 3-Series Performance Car Feb 1991
BMW 3-Series Driving Impressions Road & Track Mar 1991
BMW 325i Car and Driver Mar 1991
World Class Leader - 325i Road Test Motor Sport Sept 1991
BMW 325i Track Test Sports Car International Nov 1991
Less for More - 3-Series Coupe Performance Car Apr 1991
BMW 325is Automobile Magazine June 1992
BMW 318is Road Test Car and Driver Aug 1992
Summit Showdown - Alpina B6 2.8 vs. Alpina B2.5 vs. 3-Series AC Schnitzer Comparison Test Autocar Sept 9 1992
Good Sports - BMW325is vs. Lexus SC 300 vs. Subaru SVX Comparison Test Road & Track Aug 1992
BMW 318i Long Term Report Autocar Sept 30 1992
BMW 318i Motor Australia Sept 1992
Civil Service - 318is Coupe Road Test Motor Sport Nov 1992
M3 to the Power of Six Driving Impressions Performance Car Jan 1993
BMW 320i Vanos Motor Australia Apr 1993
Open-Air BMW comes at a Price What Car? June 1993
Yellow Peril - M3 Sports Car International July 1993
BMW 325i Convertible Driving Impressions Motor Trend Sept 1993
Giant Test - BMW 325i vs. Mercedes C220 Elegance vs. Saab 900 SE V6 Comparison Test Car Nov 1993
Blister Pack - BMW M3 vs. Toyota Supra Comparison Test Car Jan 1994
Nouveau Reich - BMW 316i Compact Top Gear Apr 1994
BMW M3 Road Test Car and Driver July 1994
Convertible Bond Wheels Feb 1994
BMW M3 vs. Toyota Supra Comparison Test Motor Trend Sept 1994
BMW Compact 318ti Road Test Autocar Nov 2 1994
BMW M3 Road Test Road & Track Specials 1995
Compact, but it Packs a Punch What Car? Feb 1995
BMW 318ti Driving Impressions Motor Trend Feb 1995
BMW 318tds SE Road Test Autocar Mar 22 1995
Fashion Estatement - 328i Touring Performance Car May 1995
BMW M3 Lightweight Road Test Motor Trend Aug 1995
Little Red Riding Hoods - BMW 318ti vs. Acura Integra GS-R Comparison Test Car and Driver Nov 1995
1996 BMW 328i Road & Track Dec 1995
BMW 328i 5-Speed Road Test Car South Africa Dec 1995
Teutonic Struggle - BMW 328i vs. Mercedes C230 Kompressor Comparison Test Complete Car Jan 1996
A Production of Evolution - M3 Evolution Sports Car International Apr 1996
BMW 318ti Club Sport Car and Driver June 1996
Z3 Power Brings New Lease of Life Autocar July 3 1996
BMW 318ti vs. VW GTI VR6 Comparison Test Road & Track Aug 1996
Maturing Nicely - BMW 318tds Long-Term Report Diesel Car & 4x4 Dec 1996
Audicious Blow to Compact - BMW Compact 318ti vs. Audi A3 1.8 vs. VW Golf GTi 16v Comparison Test What Car? Nov 1996
Attack of the Fast-Trackers - BMW 328i Sport vs. Mercedes C280 Sport vs. Volvo 850 R Comparison Test Motor Trend Feb 1997
BMW 3-Series Road & Track Specials 1997
All-Stars - BMW M3 Automobile Magazine Feb 1997
All-Stars - BMW 328i Automobile Magazine Feb 1997
New Kid in Town - 318is Coupe Performance Car Mar 1997
Counter Punch - BMW 323i SE vs. Mercedes C240 Classic Comparison Test Complete Car July 1997
BMW 3-Series Used Car Guide Top Gear Aug 1997
BMW 323i Automatic Road Test Car South Africa Nov 1997
Fast Forward - BMW 325tds Touring Diesel Car & 4x4 Sept 1997