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Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic

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Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic by Rob Siegel - Table of Contents by Bentley Publishers

Introduction - What it Means to be a Car Guy

  1. How Cars Imprint On You Like Bodysnatchers
  2. The British Piece of Crap
    (or, This Is Your Brain On Adolescence)
  3. So Why Do Men Love Cars Anyway?
  4. Bugs, Bombs, Cars, and Guitars
    (Damn It, How Cool Do Your Parents Have To Be?)
  5. Why Are So Many Guys Into Working On Their Cars?
  6. Actual Useful Stuff: Tools of the Trade
  7. Why I Don't Fix Cars for Other People
    (Part I: Bad Luck With Friends' Volkswagens)
  8. The Lure of Older Cars
  9. The Volkswagen Bus, The Idiot Manual, and the Great Southern Migration
  10. The First of Many BMW 2002s
  11. Actual Useful Stuff: Car Won't Start
  12. Notes from Texas: Hen's Teeth and Redneck Wind Chimes
  13. Northward Ho, Alex, and Bertha
  14. Das Coupe (My 1973 BMW 3.0CSi)
  15. Restoration and Why It Makes No Freaking Sense
  16. Coupe Spare Parts
  17. Yale
  18. Broad Human Connection Through Ridiculously Specific Shared Interest
    Steve and the Z1
  19. Driving Wicked Fast
  20. Actual Useful Stuff: How to Make Your Car Dependable
    (Well, More Dependable)
  21. The Madness of Buying a Budget Roadster
  22. Siegel's Seven Car Rule
  23. Discovering Classic Car Insurance
  24. The Frog-Faced Interloper
    The 1982 Porsche 911 SC Forces The Garage Issue
  25. The Garage Gets Built and Enables All My Worst Tendencies
  26. Why I Don't Fix Cars for Other People
    (Part II: More Bad Luck With Friends' Volkswagens)
  27. A Chapter About Me and How Fixing Broken BMWs Makes Me Whole. Really.
  28. Of Klingons and Kluges
    Fixing The Porsche's Oil Return Line
  29. When Cars Attack
  30. The Rhythm of Repair
  31. Overhaul THIS (Actually, Don't)
  32. The Coming of the Asteroid
  33. The Z3 M Coupe and Eva Mendes's Butt
  34. Actual Useful Stuff: Shock and Awe, Strut Your Stuff
  35. The Car Count Hits Double Digits
  36. Alpha Male Behavior Among Car Guys
  37. Actual Useful Stuff: What to Buy (Classic Cars)
  38. The Thrill of the Chase: Walking Away From A Daily Driver
  39. Actual Useful Stuff: What to Buy (Daily Drivers)
  40. The Thrill of the Chase
  41. My Increasingly Decrepit Flesh
  42. Why I Don't Fix Cars for Other People
    (Part III: Bad Luck With Friends' Subarus)
  43. The Best Rhythm of Repair Example Ever
  44. An Econobox for Firebird Boy
  45. Vintage at the Vineyard: Home Among the Car Guys
  46. Actual Useful Stuff: Getting a Cool Car Cool
  47. I Don't Get to Date 18 Year Olds
  48. Some People are Much More of a Whack Job Than You
  49. The Whack-A-Mole Maintenance Model
  50. The Bluefish Races
    (or, "Wanna drive?")
  51. The Torch is Passed
  52. Actual Useful Stuff: Stuckness, For Real
  53. The Mad Dash
  54. Thoughts on Refrigerators, Reliability, and Why You Can't Go Back
  55. Actual Useful Stuff: Shake Rattle and Roll
  56. The Porsche Passes
  57. Why I Don't Fix Cars for Other People
    (Part IV: This Time, It's Personal)
  58. Why I Don't Fix Cars For Other People. Really. No, Really.
  59. When Cars Die


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