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Repair Manuals and Other Literature

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Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic

How Fixing Broken BMWs Helped Make Me Whole

Automotive History $44.95 0
BMW Enthusiast's Companion

Owner Insights on Driving, Performance and Service

Enthusiast's Companion $69.95 807
BMW 6 Series Enthusiast's Companion

Enthusiast's Companion $69.95 821
BMW Pre-War Poster Set

Automotive History $49.95 1300
The BMW 2002

a comprehensive guide to the classic sporting saloon

Automotive History $29.95 1334
The Development History of BMW Automobiles: 1918-1932: From Vision to Success

Dimensions 4

Automotive History $109.95 1375
BMW Profiles 9: The Legendary BMW 507

Automotive History $109.95 1375
Unbeatable BMW

Eighty Years of Engineering and Motorsport Success

Paperback, Black and White edition

Automotive History $49.95 1375
Alle BMW Automobile seit 1928

German edition

Automotive History $39.95 1375
BMW Notecards

Series 1 Enthusiast

Other $19.95 1400