Home BMW History Unbeatable BMW - Jeremy Walton

Table of Contents:

  • Forewords by
    • Nelson Piquet, World Champion, 1981/1983/1987
    • Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, Head of Central Marketing of BMW AG

  • Chapter 1: Airborne Excellence
    • How the "Unbeatable" BMW"s legendary performance began in the air

  • Chapter 2: Motorcycle Marvels
    • Breaking records on the ground and taking the sports battle to the British

  • Chapter 3: From Austin to Awesome
    • The tortuous trail to the 328

  • Chapter 4: The Legend Unfolds
    • The fabulous 328 sets the 2-liter benchmark

  • Chapter 5: When We Were Small
    • From American zone wreckage to reborn bikes and Germany"s first aluminum V8s

  • Chapter 6: Racing the 700 Coupe
    • The little car with the giant-killing reputation

  • Chapter 7: The New Pedigree
    • The new generation of 4-cylinder sedans

  • Chapter 8: Getting Serious: The 1800 "Tisa"
    • Predicting the pattern of sedan success

  • Chapter 9: Single-Seat Power
    • Developing four-cylinder power was an explosive business

  • Chapter 10: European Formula 2 Racing
    • Borrowed principles lead to success

  • Chapter 11: The Winning Years: 1970-84
    • BMW becomes the dominant force in European Formula 2 Racing

  • Chapter 12: 2002: "Born in the USA"
    • The versatile 2002 and turbocharged sons in road and race development

  • Chapter 13: Competition 02s: Simply the Best?
    • The 2002"s underfunded rallying career shows potential

  • Chapter 14: Motorsport, Inc.
    • BMW Motorsport GmbH: growth of a competition and commercial task force

  • Chapter 15: Toward Batmobile
    • Elegant Karmann coupe develops Batwing muscle

  • Chapter 16: Frightening Ford
      BMW"s answer to winning European sedan competitions

  • Chapter 17: Old Glory
      CSL"s world-wide racing feats that made BMW an international name

  • Chapter 18: Exporting Excellence
      The CSL racing beat goes on in the US

  • Chapter 19: Junior Makes Good
      Enter the 3-series, from international trainer to turbo blitzer and Grand Prix prophet

  • Chapter 20: A Very Professional Car
      BMW Motorsport"s original M1 supercar, 1978-81

  • Chapter 21: Big Boys, Power Ploys
      The transformation of the BMW four-cylinder motor into a 1,200-horsepower Grand Prix winner

  • Chapter 22: Turbo to the Top
      BMW"s 1.5-liter turbo in Grand Prix-winning form

  • Chapter 23: Private Prancers
      Privateers show winning speed with BMW"s 5-series

  • Chapter 24: The Missing Link
      The seductive 6-series races with honor across Europe and into American hearts

  • Chapter 25: M3 for Muscle
      How BMW Motorsport created E30s for road and track performance

  • Chapter 26: Racing Technology for the M3
      How the legend doubled its horsepower to compete successfully

  • Chapter 27: The M3 race record
      The first M3 establishes a winning pedigree

  • Chapter 28: The 231-mph GT
      BMW's weapon for WSC racing against Porsche, Mercedes, and the best of the rest

  • Chapter 29: SuperTourer!
      The world-wide pursuit of glory for the 4-cylinder SuperTourer

  • Chapter 30: Star-Spangled Bimmers
      Born in Germany as the M3 GTR, today's M3 is a serial winner in the US

  • Appendix 1: BMW competition-car specifications
  • Appendix 2: BMW 3 series competition cars manufactured 1987-97
  • Appendix 3: BMW "Roll of Honor"
  • Appendix 4: BMW touring-car results, 1960-78
  • Appendix 5: Single-seater race results
  • Appendix 6: BMW competition-engine codes
  • Bibliographical Notes
  • Index
  • Author's Acknowledgements