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As September is back-to-school time, we have picked out some required reading for our students (that's you) for this year's curriculum. The final exam will be given out on the race track

Physical Education 201
The first book on the list is Going Faster!, a 278-page bible from the folks at the Skip Barber Racing School. Primarily authored by long-time school instructor Carl Lopez, Going Faster! takes a look at almost every aspect of racing: from driving lines to braking points, and from chassis adjustment to racing in the rain.

The book is incredibly in-depth, going a few steps further than those that simply say "a late apex is always better." Tons of detailed drawings as well as data-acquisition printouts back up Lopez's words, while other members of the Skip Barber family step in to give some insight on the situation or lesson hand. Those extra words of wisdom come from a stable of top pro drivers, including Danny Sullican, dorsey Schroeder, Brian Till, Jeremy Dale, Terry Earwood, Bryan Herta, David Loring, Jim Pace, Robbie Buhl and, of course, Skip Barber.

Lopez goes beyond explaining how to take a turn, exploring why a certain line is faster–both in theory and using real-life examples. Sebring serves as the school's southern home, so many of the lessons are taught at this tough and demanding race course.

Going Faster! carries a list price of only $29.95, which is a bargain for the amount of info it contains.