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Going Faster!: Mastering the Art of Race Driving

Gong Faster table of contents:
Foreword, by Danny Sullivan
Preface, by Skip Barber
This Book is for You
The Skip Barber Racing School: A Modern Approach
Using This Book
Your ?Instructors?

Part I: The Fundamentals

    1. A Plan of Attack
    Line, Corner Exit Speed, Braking
    Defining the Problem
    Finding the Line
    Car Control for Exit Speed
    Slowing for Corners
    Out on the Racetrack
    A Sample Run
    The Framework of Fast Laps
    2. The Three Basics: Line, Corner Exit Speed, Braking
    Line Fundamentals
    Common Errors
    Exit Speed
    Braking and Entering
    The Analytical Racer
Part II: Developing the Basics
    3. The Real-World Line
    Speed Changes Things
    Shortcuts to the Line
    Beyond Geometry
    The Whole Racetrack
    Grading Corners
    Knowledge is Speed
    4. Mastering Car Control
    Genuine Confidence is Earned
    Redefining Oversteer, Understeer, and Neutral
    Using the Controls to Alter Handling Balance
    Big Rotation?Pitching
    Multiple-Event Corners
    Front/All Wheel Drive
    Summing Up
    6. Shifting
    Getting Good
Part III: Honing Your Skills and Strategies
    7. Working Up a Track: From Map to Laps
    ?Working Up? the Racetrack
    First Impressions
    Focus on the Details
    Time to Drive
    8. Finding Lap Time
    Sebring?Our Laboratory
    From Warm-Up to Fast Laps
    Chasing a Faster Pace
    Where the Time Goes
    Implications of the Data
    9. Passing
    The Rules
    Passing Equal Cars
    Passing in the Braking Zone
    The Out-Braking Game
    Defending Your Position
    10. The Reality of Racing
    Rehearsal's Over
    The Body of the Race
    The Final Stages
    Caring for the Car
    Post-Race Critique
    11. Accidents
    Risk is Inevitable
    The Spin
    Hitting Hard
    Common Errors
    Being the Victim
    Prepare for the Worst
    Laugh and the World Laughs with You
    12. Racing in the Rain
    Maintaining Visibility
    Optimizing Traction
    Changing Your Set-Up
    Rain-Driving Techniques
    Common-Sense Tips
Part IV: The Role of Hardware
    13. Tires
    Traction Basics
    Caring for Tires
    Street Tires
    The Basic Rules for Tires
    14. Chassis Adjustments
    Load Transfer
    Methods of Changing Bias
    Longitudinal Load Transfer
    Adjustments under Braking
    Lateral Load Transfer
    Cornering Adjustments
    Weight Jacking
    Describing Car Behavior
Part V: Becoming a Race Driver
    15. Comparing Cars
    Formula Dodge & RT/2000
    Showroom Stock Racing
    Barber Dodge Pro Series
    Front-Engine Sedans and SCCA Trans Am
    Sports Prototypes
    Indy Lights
    Indy Car
    16. Inside the World of Racing
    Be Realistic
    Racing is Different
    Money isn't Everything
    The Job
    Ups and Downs
    Appendix: Racing Resources
    Karts: Schools
    Karts: Sanctioning Bodies
    Car Club Time Trial Events
    Vintage Racing: Organizations
    Legends Cars
    Major Professional Racing Schools
    Professional School Racing Series
    Major Oval Racing Sanctioning Bodies
    Road Racing Sanctioning Bodies
    Racing Resources