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Jerry Burton
Jerry Burton is an automotive historian and advertising creative director known particularly for his 20-year history as editor and publisher of Corvette Quarterly magazine. During his career Burton wrote many performance-oriented ads for Corvette and Chevrolet. It was in this capacity that he authored the Heartbeat of America theme line for Chevrolet in the mid 1980s. These activities helped spawn his acquaintance and later his friendship with Zora Arkus-Duntov and his wife Elfi. As Jerry came to know Zora personally, his desire to paint an accurate picture of this fascinating and complex man developed into the ultimate biography of Zora Arkus-Duntov: the Legend Behind Corvette. Burton has written several other books including Corvette: America's Sports Car and he co-authored 100 Years of Chevrolet. Jerry was inducted into the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame in 2014. He and his wife Nancy live in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Corvette: The First 50 Years

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Authors Jerry Burton and Dave McLellan were interviewed and featured on the Speed Channel's documentary on the fifty year history of the Corvette.