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This Volvo 240 service manual covers the model year 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993. It has been created specifically to cover Volvo 240 models and other 200-series cars with gasoline engines built for sale in the United States. Information in this manual applies to all DL, GL, Turbo, 240, 240 DL, 240 GL and 240 SE models, two-door, four-door and five-door (wagon), unless particular model names, engine codes or other characteristics are used to denote specific differences. Cars with diesel engines are not covered in this manual.

Some of the information in this manual applies only to cars of a particular model year of range of years. For example "1990" always refers to the 1990 model year, unless otherwise specified. The model year does not necessarily match the calendar year in which the car was manufactured or sold. To be sure of the model year of a particular car, check the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the car.

The VIN is a unique sequence of 17 characters assigned by the manufacturer to identify each car. YV1AA8840k3123456 is a typical Volvo VIN. Each of the 17 letters and numbers indicates certain facts about the car and its manufacture. Information in this manual may refer to VINs to identify information that applies only to specific cars.

Your Volvo’s VIN can be found on a plate mounted on the top of the instrument panel, on the driver’s side where the number can be seen through the windshield, and on other identification labels elsewhere on the car. The 10th character refers to model year: "D" for 1983 models, "F" for 1985, "H" for 1987 and so on. The letters "I" and "O" are not used, so the sequence skips to "J" for 1988 and skips again to "P" for 1993. Also see repair group 030 General-Technical Data. This manual covers Volvo DL, GL, Turbo, 240, 240 DL, 240 GL, and 240 SE from the model years 1983 through 1993, with these VINs:

1983: YV1A_47__D_000001 to YV1A_47__D_999999
and:  YV1A_88__D_000001 to YV1A_88__D_999999

1984: YV1A_47__E_000001 to YV1A_47__E_999999
and:  YV1A_88__E_000001 to YV1A_88__E_999999

1985: YV1A_47__F_000001 to YV1A_47__F_999999
and:  YV1A_88__F_000001 to YV1A_88__F_999999

1986: YV1A_88__G_000001 to YV1A_88__G_999999
1987: YV1A_88__H_000001 to YV1A_88__H_999999
1988: YV1A_88__J_000001 to YV1A_88__J_999999
1989: YV1A_47__K_000001 to YV1A_47__K_999999

1990: YV1A_82__L_000001 to YV1A_82__L_999999
and:  YV1A_88__L_000001 to YV1A_88__L_999999

1991: YV1A_82__M_000001 to YV1A_82__M_999999
and:  YV1A_88__M_000001 to YV1A_88__M_999999

1992: YV1A_82__N_000001 to YV1A_82__N_999999
and:  YV1A_88__N_000001 to YV1A_88__N_999999

1993: YV1A_82__P_000001 to YV1A_82__P_999999
and:  YV1A_88__P_000001 to YV1A_88__P_999999