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Volkswagen 2.0L FSI Turbocharged Engine Design and Function Technical Service Training Self-Study Program

Volkswagen table of contents:
2.0L/200 HP 4-Cylinder Turbo FSI Engine with 4-Valves per Cylinder
Engine Mechanics
Engine Block
Engine Balance Shaft
Final Drive Sprocket
Toothed Belt Drive
Cylinder Head
Crankcase Ventilation
Exhaust Turbocharger/Manifold Module
Charge Air Ducting and Boost Pressure Control
Boost Pressure Overrun
Cooling System
Tumble Flaps
Fuel System Overview
Demand-Controlled Fuel System
Low Pressure System
High Pressure System
Fuel System Components
Fuel Pump Control Module J538
Transfer Fuel Pump G6
High Pressure Fuel Pump with Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve N276
High Pressure Fuel Pump
High Pressure Fuel Pump Operation
Low Fuel Pressure Sensor G410
Fuel Pressure Sensor G247
Cylinder Fuel Injectors N30-N33
Fuel Injector Operation
Pressure Limiting Valve
Connector Fitting with Restrictor
Engine Management
Modes of Operation
Actuators and Sensor Diagram
Functional Diagram
Special Tools
Knowledge Assessment