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2005 Volkswagen New Technologies Technical Service Training Self-Study Program

Volkswagen table of contents:
New Technologies
Electric Parking Brake Overview
Introduction, Electric Parking Brake Features
Electric Parking Brake Operation
Electric Parking Brake Operation
Parking Brake Operation
Emergency Brake Operation
Using the Emergency Brake Feature
AUTO HOLD Operation
Hydraulic AUTO HOLD
Electric Parking Brake Components
Rear Wheel Brake Actuators
Parking Brake Unit
Toothed Belt Drive
Rear Wheel Brake Actuators
Clutch Position Sensor G476
Electric Parking Brake Button E538
AUTO HOLD Button E540
Indicator Lights
Electric Parking Brake Control Module J540
Electric Parking Brake Communication
Electric Parking Brake CAN-Bus
Electric Parking Brake Special Features
Automatic Brake Pad Clearance Adjustment
Brake Pad Replacement Mode
AFS Overview
Components and Locations
AFS Moving Front Lights
Moving Front Light Operation
Illuminated Areas
Operating Requirements
AFS Stationary Front Lights
Stationary Front Light Operation
Operating Requirements
AFS Design
Adaptive Front Headlight Assembly
Moving Front Light Assembly
Stationary Front Light Assembly
AFS Service
Fault Indicator
AFS Communication
Controlled Components
Control Module Network
CAN Communication
Knowledge Assessment