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Volkswagen Passat (B5)
Service Manual:
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

1.8L turbo, 2.8L V6, 4.0L W8
including wagon and 4MOTION

by Bentley Publishers

Hardcover, 8 3/8 in. x 11 in.
Two volume set with 1872 pages
4445 photos, illustrations and diagrams
VWoA Part No. LPV 800 209
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1669-8
Price: $229.95

Volkswagen Passat Repair Information 1998-2005

The Volkswagen Passat Service Manual: 1998-2005 is a comprehensive source of service information and specifications for Volkswagen Passat models built on the B5 platform from 1998 through 2005. Service to Volkswagen owners is of top priority to Volkswagen and has always included the continuing development and introduction of new and expanded services. The aim throughout this manual has been simplicity, clarity and completeness, with practical explanations, step-by-step procedures, and accurate specifications. Whether you're a professional or a do-it yourself Volkswagen owner, this manual will help you understand, care for, and repair your Volkswagen.

Though the do-it-yourself Volkswagen owner will find this manual indispensable as a source of the same detailed maintenance and repair information available at an authorized Volkswagen dealer, the Volkswagen owner who has no intention of working on his or her car will find that reading and owning this manual will make it possible to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional technician.

Engines covered

  • 1.8L turbo gasoline (engine code(s): AEB, ATW, AUG, AWM)
  • 2.8L gasoline (engine code(s): AHA, ATQ)
  • 4.0L gasoline (engine code: BDP)

Transmissions covered:

  • 5-speed manual (transmission codes: 012, 01W)
  • 5-speed automatic (transmission code: 01V)
  • 6-speed manual (transmission code: 01E)

Technical highlights:

  • Covers Passat, Passat wagon and 4motion models built on the B5 platform.
  • Large step-by-step maintenance section.
  • Engine and cylinder head service, including timing belt and camshaft replacement.
  • Component testing, removal and installation for engine lubrication, cooling, and exhaust systems.
  • Fuel supply service, including fuel pump delivery and electrical checks, EVAP system, and mechanical and electronic throttle control (E-gas).
  • Fuel injection and ignition system component identification, electrical testing, technical data, and throttle valve control module adaptation using the factory scan tool.
  • Drivetrain maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair, including hydraulic clutch, gearshift linkage, and axles.
  • Repair information for ABS/EDL/ASR brake systems.
  • Suspension component replacement, including struts, stabilizer bar, multi-link elements, and wheel bearings.
  • Body adjustment and repairs, including doors, fenders, trim panels, bumpers, hood, lids, lights, instrument panel/dashboard, sunroof, seatbelts, and seats.
  • Heating and air-conditioning repair, including A/C electrical component replacement and vacuum hose layout.
  • Factory wiring diagrams and component locations.
  • Volkswagen OBD II diagnostic trouble codes section with SAE and manufacturer defined P-codes, control module coding and readiness codes.
  • Comprehensive Volkswagen factory tolerances, wear limits, adjustments, and tightening torques.

Additional technical content

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Volkswagen Passat, Passat Wagon 1998-2005

Publishing note: Prior to April 2011, this book was published in a softcover edition (ISBN 978-0-8376-1483-0)

Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Passat (B5 platform)
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Section A - Maintenance
Engine oil and filter changing procedures, including filter location
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Repair group 24 Fuel injection and ignition
Detailed exploded views, such as the engine air filter assembly
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Color Volkswagen Passat Familiarization section
VW Passat Serv Man 98-05
VW Passat Serv Man 98-05
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