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eBahn Pro: Audi and Volkswagen

eBahnŽ Pro:
Audi and Volkswagen
Repair Manuals on DVD-ROM

Repair Information on DVD-ROM

by Volkswagen of America
with Audi of America, Inc.

DVD-ROM, eBahn Version 3.0,
Windows 2000/XP
Price: $1500.00

Before purchasing, please check the minimum system requirements.

Bentley Publishers is proud to offer a crucial reference tool for the properly equipped German automotive repair shop. Submit a Feedback Form to contact the eBahn Pro team.

eBahn Pro is a specially packaged version of eBahn Desktop, containing comprehensive repair information for OBD II equipped Audi and Volkswagen vehicles manufactured for the US and Canadian markets. At this time, the current set contains 31 vehicle platforms (16 Volkswagen and 15 Audi) on 4 DVD-ROMs. Each eBahn Pro license also includes Repair Information for any new vehicles* or model years that VW or Audi produce for the US or Canada, as soon as we have that repair information available.

With eBahn Pro, a single activation unlocks the entire package of repair content. eBahn Pro comes with 3 serial numbers, enabling installation and operation from 3 different computers. Or simply install on one and save the others as backup.

The eBahn Pro service also includes unlimited online updates. Volkswagen and Audi service information is updated continuously. Use "Check Web For Updates" to download updated Repair Manuals, Technical Bulletins, Campaign Circulars, and Wiring Diagrams.

Self-Study Technical Training*

eBahn Pro now includes Volkswagen and Audi Self-Study Technical Training (which can be purchased separately):


  • VX18 - VW Electrical Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning, Body Systems
  • VX28 - VW Engine and Engine Management Systems
  • VX38 - VW Transmissions, Suspension, Brakes and Steering
  • VX48 - VW Model Basics


  • AX18 - Audi Electrical Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning, Body Systems
  • AX28 - Audi Engine and Engine Management Systems
  • AX38 - Audi Transmissions, Suspension, Brakes and Steering
  • AX48 - Audi Model Basics

Exclusive eBahn Pro Concierge Support

With eBahn Pro, your shop also gets concierge level software support with an exclusive and dedicated support phone number and online support form. Pro users interact directly with Bentley Publishers technical editors and eBahn software technicians for any questions that may come up.

Your initial purchase of eBahn Pro is $1,500, far less than half the cost of purchasing each platform individually. This price also includes one year of exclusive support, as well as unlimited online updates and all new vehicles or vehicle platforms released by VW and Audi during that year. Continued support, updates and new vehicle platforms for each subsequent year is only $750.

Platforms included on eBahn Pro*


  • Eos 2007-2009 (1F)
  • Tiguan 2009 (5N)*
  • Touareg 2004-2009 (7L)
  • Golf, GTI, Jetta 1993-1999, Cabrio 1995-2002 (A3)
  • Golf, GTI, Jetta 1999-2006 (A4)
  • R32 2004 (A4)
  • Jetta 2005-2009 (A5)
  • GTI, Rabbit 2006-2009 (A5G)
  • R32 2008 (A5G)*
  • Passat 1995-1997 (B4)
  • Passat 1998-2005 (B5)
  • Passat 2006-2009 (B6)
  • Passat CC 2009 (35)*
  • Phaeton 2004-2006 (D1)
  • New Beetle 1998-2009 (NB)
  • Eurovan 1992-2003 (T4)


  • R8 2008-2009 (42)
  • Q7 2007-2009 (4L)
  • A3 2006-2009 (8P)
  • Cabriolet 1994-1998 (B3)
  • 90 1993-1995 (B4)
  • A4, S4 1996-2002 (B5)
  • A4, S4, RS4 2002-2009 (B6/7)
  • A5/S5, A4 2008-2009 (B8)*
  • 100, S4, A6, S6 1992-1998 (C4)
  • A6, S6, allroad quattro, RS6 1998-2005 (C5)
  • A6, S6 2005-2009 (C6)
  • A8, S8 1997-2003 (D2)
  • A8, A8L, S8 2004-2009 (D3)
  • TT 2000-2006 (TT)
  • TT 2008-2009 (8J)
* Run "Check Web For Updates" to see any newly added platforms or updated model years!
See our new FAQ site for more details.
eBahn Pro: Audi and Volkswagen
eBahn Pro: Audi and Volkswagen
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