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VW Tech Talk on DVD 2007-MAR-20

Tech Talk Broadcasts on DVD

by Volkswagen of America, Service Training Team

DVD, 4 x 3 fullscreen
61 minutes
Price: $29.95

Volkswagen Tech Talk DVD Video

Bentley Publishers is proud to present Volkswagen Tech Talk sessions on DVD. Volkswagen Tech Talk is a monthly training session telecast to Volkswagen technicians nationwide, who watch live, as the instructors explore new models and new technologies in order to prepare the technicians for servicing newer and more complex vehicles.

Topics covered: March 20, 2007

  • HVAC actuator issue update
  • The Technical assisteance VTA process
  • Critical Air bag safety and diagnostics
  • Volkswagen Campaign issues including:
    1. Touareg control module updates
    2. Brake light switch campaign
    3. 1999-2001 Brake light switch campaign
    4. Instrument cluster flash
    5. Battery cable replacement
    6. Battery maintainers
  • Brads tech tip corner:
    1. Clutch release bearing replacement
    2. Heated Mirrors, seats and steering wheel operating temperature range
    3. Tire pressure monitoring
    4. XM radio modules
    5. Automatic trans fluid leak Aisan/Warner transmission
    6. Trans filling procedure Aisan/Warner transmissions
    7. New seat track replacement part
    8. New Beeetle 02 sensor replacement part

VW Tech Talk on DVD 2007-MAR-20
VW Tech Talk on DVD 2007-MAR-20
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