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"The recognized expert on all things Porsche is Karl Ludvigsen. His writings on things Porsche-related are well-researched, informative, and illuminating."

Rainy Day Magazine
- December 17, 2014

"You"d expect a sixty-six chapter, three-volume tome by the venerable Karl Ludvigsen to be definitive, and it is . . . Even if it"s too daunting to read cover-to-cover, you can open to any page and expect to learn something new every time with this unimaginably complete work."

- March 2010

Featured in Ignition Gear - Wish List gift guide

- December 2009

"Without doubt, this is the definitive work on the history of Porsche. . . A must-have for any Porsche enthusiast."


"the definitive work...a "must have"..."

Road & Track
May 2004

"My suggestion: If you can only get one book for your library on Porsche, this is the one..."

European Car
May 2004

"In showbiz terms this is a blockbuster..."

All Torque
Autumn, 2003

Karl Ludvigsen picks the top ten driver"s Porsches

April, 2004

"A must-have..."

February, 2004

"There's danger of addiction!..."

February/March 2004

"Es besteht Suchtgefahr!"

christophorus (Deutsche Version)
February/March 2004

"Excellence expected, and delivered..."

December, 2003

Porsche Panorama interview with Karl Ludvigsen

Porsche Panorama
November, 2003
Karl Ludvigsen
Karl Ludvigsen

In addition to his motor industry activities as an executive (with GM, Fiat and Ford) and head of a consulting company, Karl Ludvigsen has been active for over 50 years as an author and historian. As an author, co-author or editor he has some four dozen books to his credit. Needless to say, they are all about cars and the motor industry, Karl's life-long passion.

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