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The MG Workshop Manual:

Complete Tuning and Maintenance for
Models M type to TF 1500

by W.E. Blower

Hardcover, 7 in. x 10 in.
602 pages
368 illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1746-6
Price: $120.00

MG Repair Manual: 1929-1955

The MG Workshop Manual: 1929-1955 is the classic MG service manual recommended by the factory and known simply among MG enthusiasts as the "Blower Book" - a tribute to its author. It provides tuning and maintenance procedures for MGs from the first "M" type Midget of 1929 through the TF 1500. As you would expect, the official MG repair information is given for normal maintenance and repair, along with complete specification data sheets, lubrication charts, wiring diagrams, and a complete list of engine parts. High-performance information covering supercharger installation, and the factory's Special Tuning Handbooks for Trials Work are also included, which will be of particular interest to vintage and historic racers.

Models included in this MG repair manual:

  • M Midget 1929-1932
  • F Magna 1931-1932
  • D Midget 1931-1932
  • J1 & J2 1932-1934
  • J3 1932-1933
  • J4 1933
  • K3 1933-1934
  • KN 1934-1935
  • L1 & L2 Magna 1933-1934
  • PA Midget 1934-1935
  • PB Midget 1935-1936
  • TB Midget 1939
  • VA 1-1/2L 1937-1939
  • SA 2L 1936-1939
  • WA 2.6L 1939
  • TC Midget
  • NA Magnette
  • TA Midget
  • TD Midget
  • Y Saloon
  • YT Tourer
  • QA Midget
  • RA Midget
  • TF Midget
  • TF 1500

With plenty of detailed technical information for pre-war MG models, as well as some post-war models, including a chapter on rebuilding Wilson pre-selector transmissions for K3s, The MG Workshop Manual: 1929-1955 is a useful source of specifications and information for the MG restorer or enthusiast.

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The Engine - Page 104
Fig. 69. View of 1 1/2 Litre Engine, left hand side.
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The Clutch - Page 145
Fig. 13. Clutch pedal adjustment. (1 1/4 Litre and TD Midget.)
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Steering Gear - Page 414
Fig. 2. The Bishop cam steering.
The MG Workshop Manual 1929-55
The MG Workshop Manual 1929-55
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