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Land Rover Series III 4x4 Performance Portfolio: 1971-1985

Land Rover Performance Portfolio table of contents:
New Series III Land Rover Autocar Oct 7 1971
Land Rover Series III 6-cylinder Road Test Autocar Oct 28 1971
Land Rover 2.6, 10 Seat Station Wagon Road Test Car South Africa Oct 1972
Land Rover Series 3 Road Test PV4 Feb 1973
Land Rover 88 in. SWB Road Test Autocar Jan 18 1973
Land Rover Road Test Motor May 26 1973
Land Rover Road Test Popular Imported Cars Jan 1974
Land Rover is Alive and Well! Off Road Australia Mar 1974
"Give it More Wellie" Motor Aug 24 1974
New Romance Autocar May 4 1974
Overdrive Land Rover Autocar Dec 7 1974
The Ultimate Land Rover Four-Wheel Drive Book 1975
Land Rover 88 Regular Road Test Commercial Motor May 9 1975
Family Adventure Autocar July 24 1976
Big Game Hunter Overlander June 1976
Safari Land Rover Four Wheeler Nov 1976
V8 Power for Land Rover Overlander Dec 1977
Old Thresher - 88 Diesel Hardtop Road Test Overlander Dec 1978
Land Rover Buying Secondhand Autocar Feb 17 1979
New Valves for an Olde Rover Four Wheeler Sept 1979
Cross-Country V8 Autocar Mar 10 1979
Land Rover '109' 4-cylinder Pick-up Road Test Car South Africa Oct 1979
Racer Rover, Hover Rover, Shunter Rover, Hunter Rover, Land Rover Car and Driver May 1979
Land Rover - Old Faithful Road Test Bushdriver 1979
Land Rover - Tactical Conversions Land Rover Ltd. May 1980
Your Very Own Land Rover Buying Used Overlander Mar 1980
"We're Part of BL and We Make a Profit" Motor Aug 30 1980
Two of a Kind Autocar Sept 5 1981
Land Rover V8 Station Wagon Road Test Drive & Trail Mar 1982
Land Rover Series 3S Station Wagon Road Test Car South Africa Feb 1982
Stump Puller Road Test Overlander April 1982
Indestructible? Used Survey What Car? Aug 1982
Off Road Customising Overlander 4x4 May 1982
Land Rover at Blenheim Overlander 4x4 May 1982
A True, Off-Road Work Horse Road Test Commercial Motor Aug 28 1982
Still Fit for the Kalahari Commercial Motor Aug 28 1982
Land Rover County V8 109 in. Road Test Autocar Nov 6 1982
A Family Outing to the Namib Desert Land Rover Owner International Aug 1992
Yorkshire Safari What Car? Jan 1988
Rattle and Wine International Off-Roader May 1993
Lucky Break Land Rover Owner International Dec 1996