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Table of Contents

1. History of the Civic
From its humble beginnings to how it became the world's most popular sport compact car. Once a car small enough to fit into the trunk of a Cadillac, now it's the model GM wishes they had thought of first.

2. The Basics of Personalizing
There is no wrong way to build a trick Civic. However, there is a better way. Street, Strip, Sport or Show, you can't have it all. Or maybe, if you're ingenious, you can have a little of each.

3. Suspension 101: Get Down and Get Around
Getting to know you're Civic from the ground up. Springs, shocks, anti-sway bars, bushings, tires, wheels and how they all work together.

4. Bolt-On Performance
Untangling the mind-boggling information of ignition wires, cold air intakes, exhaust systems, cam timing, headers, pulleys, and ECU units. Do you really need all this stuff? Read on my Honda brother.

5. Hard-Core Engine Performance
It's time to separate the haves from the have nots. Supercharging, turbocharging, performance pistons, cams, cranks, rods, studs, engine swaps, nitrous and more. Wow, if you don't stop you'll go blind.

6. Power to the Pavement
Now that you've got it, how do you make it hook up? Trannys, clutches, LSD (not the drug) and other useful traction tips.

7. STOP!: Improve Braking for Better Use of Horsepower
I don't need brakes?that's what guardrails are for. That's what happens when you have tons of horsepower, but no brakes. The do's and don'ts of improving your 60-0 times.

8. Going in Style
Let your body do the talking. Ground effects, wings, flares, windows, scoops and all the other cool body add-ons you can't live without.

9. Interior Designing
It's what's inside that counts. Creating a comfort zone that allows you to go fast and feel good.

10. Graphically Speaking
To look good is better then to feel good?and you look marvelous. Flames, scallops, murals, touring-style, and other visual effects.

11. Performance Driving
Making your Civic fast is one thing, handling the power is another. Here are the basics in learning how to corner, brake and drag race.

12. Getting Involved
It's more fun to be in the pack than a lone wolf. Here's what you need to know before you join.