Home British Cars Repair Repair Manual for British Cars

Table of Contents

  1. Locating and Curing Starting, Misfiring and Operational Troubles
  2. Overhauling Generators, Distributors and Starter Motors
  3. The Power Unit - Is an Overhaul Necessary?
  4. Overhauling the Engine
  5. Fitting Oil-Control Rings
  6. Partial Overhaul
  7. Reconditioning the Engine
  8. Steering, Suspension and Tyres
  9. Overhauling the Brake System
  10. Curing Clutch, Gearbox, Overdrive and Universal Joint Failure
  11. Checking and Overhauling the Fuel System
  12. Carburetters
  13. Solving Cooling System Problems
  14. Emission Control Equipment
  1. Spark plugs - Recommendations and equivalents
  2. Recommended clearances
  3. Firing order of British cars
  4. Valve clearances - Ignition settings - Oil pressures - Track settings - Camber and castor settings - King-pin inclination
  5. Suppliers of parts and overhaul kits
  6. Carburetter needle recommendations
  7. Identification of SU and AC fuel pump types. Index of SU fuel pump Service Literature