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Partial Table of Contents - Chapters

1. Art:

Subconscious Instruction, Personal Limitations.

2. Determination:

Sports car racing, The will to win. Driving to limit from start.

3. Tenths:

Evaluating driving ability, On the limit, Dicing with death, Record laps.

4. Learning:

The technique of reducing lap times, The off-line technique, Instrument reading, Importance of simple instrument lay-out.

5. Starting:

Gamesmanship, Jumping the flag, Alternative methods, The Le Mans-Type start.

6. Tiger:

Hawthorn and Moss, Accepting the challenge, Tigers versus bulls.

7. Moments:

Wheel to wheel, Pantomime, Proprioceptors, Regaining control, Flick-turns.

8. Fright:

Experience and anticipation, Speed happiness, Fighting instincts.

9. Analysis:

Anticipation, Chain reaction, Human fallibility, Vision at high speeds.

10. Theory:

Side-thrust and slip angle, Front and rear slip-angles, Under-, over-, and neutral steer, Steering corrections.

11. Understeer:

Under-acceleration and braking. Front-end break-away, Tazio Nuvolaria Sidecar acrobatics, Moss and the 300SL, The value of induced understeer.

12. Oversteer:

Power-control of the rear end, Wl96, Super Squalo and Lancia D50, On a hairpin corner.

13. Instincts:

Heel and toe, The wrong pedal, Stop or get around somehow, Skillful recovery.

14. Morale:

Pit-stops, A renewal of faith, Italian sympathy.

15. Retirement:

Right moment and right manner, Old hands, Selfishness, Philanthropy.