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What people are saying about The Technique of Motor Racing

"If a racing technique book recommended by triple F1 World Champion Niki Lauda wasn't enough to sell you, Piero Taruffi's 1958 classic The Technique of Motor Racing has held up well to the test of time."

European Car
November 17, 2015

"Before racing season gets underway, many drivers have a common ritual: they go back and reread Piero Taruffi"s "The Technique Of Motor Racing." This elegantly slim volume first appeared in the late 1950s but has lost exactly none of its relevance.

"Technique" is not a story about race driving, it"s not a memoir, it"s not a collection of essays. It"s a textbook. The work is essentially an extended treatise on cornering, including page after page of calculations (Taruffi was a trained industrial engineer) and precise drawings of cornering lines. The book is a significant reminder that fast driving is really a matter of controlling Newtonian physics to your own ends."

February 13, 2012

"All in all, there's little left out, and we feel Taruffi did a wonderful job on a difficult subject. And it is the next best thing to personal instruction from an expert."

Road & Track

"Many books have been written about motor racing...but this is the first book that I have seen that has been written for the drivers themselves-a text-book on motor racing... A young driver's progress will be greatly assisted by taking his advice, and absorbing all he has to say..."

Juan Manuel Fangio
Five Time World Driving Champion 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957

"As a title, this famous work is now 30 years old; as a book, it's an all-new edition that should take most aspiring racing drivers, and fast road drivers, right up to the 21st century."

Road & Track

"if you're a student of racing history, Taruffi's work belongs on your shelf..."


"When I was at the very beginning of my career there was one particular book that held a special fascination for me. Piero Taruffi wrote it some eighteen years ago. It was a serious survey of the theory and practice of his sport. For a young fan like me it provided the answers to hundreds of questions, and ever since then I have greatly valued this kind of book."

Niki Lauda
Three Time World Driving Champion, 1975, 1977, 1984