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Press reviews for Racing Car Design and Development

"Racing Car Design and Development... gives the readers an all but unprecedented opportunity to look over Len Terry's shoulder as he works, to see how one of the most experienced designers creates a racing car. And in an age that often seems satisfied by opinions it is gratifyingly rich in facts, most of them entirely new and illuminating even to the most avid student of modern racing car design."

Karl Ludvigsen

"Few books have offered such illuminating insight into how a racing car designer works. This is a book about designers & developers rather than about the mechanical aspects of existing cars.

Alan Baker injects into the book every consideration that must face racing car designers - with special emphasis on their technical contributions to the success of a car, while Len Terry brings to the book his 16 years of first-hand experience as a successful racing car designer and developer, having designed for Lotus, Eagle, BRM, Surtees, Honda, Leda, his own Terrier cars, and everything from the clubman's sports car to the Indianapolis winner. You cannot help but come away with the feeling - perhaps greatly over-optimistic - that you are ready to design a winning car yourself.

Autoweek & Competition Press