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Table of Contents

Overview: Aerodynamics and Race Cars
    The Impact of Aerodynamics on Vehicle Shape
    Aerodynamic Downforce and Performance
    Creating and Measuring Aerodynamic Forces
    How Aerodynamics Shapes Race Cars
    The Impact of Racing Aerodynamics on Production Cars
    The Following Chapters

Aerodynamic Forces and Terms
    Basic Terminology
    The Boundary Layer
    Bernoulli's Equation
    Flow Over Bodies and the Pressure Coefficient
    Drag, Lift, and Side Force
    Relevant Literature

Tools of the Trade
    Road Testing
    Wind Tunnel Methods
    Computational Methods

Airfoils and Wings
    Airfoils: Basic Definitions
    Finite Wings
    Basic Lifting Surface Interactions
    Examples of Various Airfoil Shapes

Aerodynamics and Vehicle Performance
    Tire Performance
    Vehicle Dynamics
    The Effect of Aerodynamics on Performance

Aerodynamics of the Complete Vehicle Real-world Examples
    Milestones: Historically Important Designs
    More Current Examples
Appendix 1: Drag Coefficients
Appendix 2: Wind Tunnels
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