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Physics for Gearheads by Randy Beikmann

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Physics for Gearheads by Randy Beikmann - Table of Contents by Bentley Publishers


  • A Word to the Reader
  1. A Warm-Up Lap
    Getting Up to Speed
  2. Kinematics Basics
    Straight-Line Motion
  3. Kinematics Applications
    Straight-Line Motion in Vehicles and Mechanisms, and Racing Strategy
  4. Dynamics Basics
    Forces, Mass, and Acceleration
  5. Forces
    Agents of Change
  6. Dynamics Applications
    Forces and Motion in Vehicles and Mechanisms
  7. Torque, Force Resolution, and 2-D Vectors
    Basic Use of Vectors in a Plane
  8. Angular Dynamics Basics
    Torques, Rotational Inertia, and Angular Acceleration
  9. Angular Dynamics Applications
    Driving Mechanisms; Converting Between Torque and Force
  10. Dynamics in a Plane Basics
    Forces, Moments, and Motion in Two Dimensions
  11. Dynamics in a Plane Applications
    Dealing with Changes in Direction
  12. Energy Basics
    Work, Motion, and Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics
  13. Energy Applications
    Energy Balance and Conversion, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  14. Power Basics
    Getting Work Done
  15. Power Applications
    Power Production and Utilization, and Energy Efficiency
  16. Statics and Quasi-Statics Basics
    Center of Gravity Location, Weight Distribution, and Load Transfer
  17. Statics and Quasi-Statics Applications
    Contact Forces, CGs of Assemblies, and Vehicle Design for Maximum Performance
  • Appendix 1
    Units and Conversions
  • Appendix 2
    Greek Letters and Pronunciations
  • Appendix 3
    Math Reference
  • Appendix 4
  • Appendix 5
    Selected Derivations
  • Appendix 6
  • Index
  • References and Recommended Reading