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Chassis Design

Principles and Analysis

by William F. Milliken

Hardcover, 7 1/2 in. x 10 in.
638 pages
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Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis

Maurice Olley, one of the great automotive design, research and development engineers of the 20th century, had a career that spanned two continents. Olley is perhaps best known for his systematic approach to ride and handling. His work was so comprehensive that many of the underlying concepts, test procedures, analysis and evaluation techniques are still used in the auto industry today. Olley's mathematical analyses cover design essentials in a physically understandable way. Thus they remain as useful today as when they were first developed. For example, they are easily programmed for study or routine use and for checking the results of more complex programs.

Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis is based on Olley's technical writings, and is the first complete presentation of his life and work. This new book provides insight into the development of chassis technology and its practical application by a master. Many examples are worked out in the text and the analytical developments are grounded by Olley's years of design experience.

Table of Contents:

  • Maurice Olley - His Life and Times
  • Steady-State Cornering - Slip Angle Effects (Primary)
  • Steady-State Cornering - Steer Effects (Secondary)
  • Transient Cornering
  • Ride
  • Oscillations of the Unsprung
  • Suspension Linkages
  • Roll, Roll Movements and Skew Rates
  • Fore-and-Aft Forces
  • Leaf Springs - Combined Suspension Spring and Leverage

Chassis Design by Maurice Olley
Chassis Design by Maurice Olley
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ISBN: 0-7680-0826-3 (ISBN-10)
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