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What the press is saying about The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems

"Consider it a tool to help get over the fears and confusion regarding electrical circuits, sensors, relays, and switches. In fact, it's more than a tool; it's like having your own electrical therapist. As a test, I used the book to troubleshoot an odd lack of spark on an Austin-Healey last week. Even when used for Edwardian perversions of circuitry, such as those found on British cars, the book provided everything I needed to know to methodically trace and resolve the issue."


"Thorough, surely scholarly, but still written in understandable terms, and with an almost uncountable (every page) wealth of sharp, understandable diagrams, photos, and charts ? this book is (almost) fun to read, even if it is only to try to better simply understand what?s going on under the hood of your car and not necessarily to trace problems down and fix them oneself."

"[The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems] is an intelligently-written course that deals quickly with the general theory of automotive electronic systems and then goes about informing how to diagnose and treat (I mean repair) both simple and complex electronics components that are vital parts of the nervous systems of a number of brands of very popular off-shore car brands."

Doug Stokes

"Additionally, Siegel has gone well beyond the basics to subject matter that should make [The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems] required reading in technical schools and repair shops alike. Heck, BMW service managers would do well to read it. ..and if they do, they'll enjoy it because the editors at Bentley had the good sense to let Siegel be Siegel. Unlike the dry engineer types who usually write manuals, Siegel has a God-given turn of phrase that makes everything he writes worth reading."


"[The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems] is packed with information, but it?s also completely infused with Rob Siegel's sense of humor and writing style. The book is actually credited to "Rob Siegel and the Bentley Publishers Technical Team," so the entire staff must have stood around in a conference room arguing about how to explain parasitic drain without boring the pants off the audience. That Technical Team is the best in the business at producing indispensable manuals for European cars. I had a full set of Bentley manuals for my wife's BMW 525iT, and it saved my bacon on a regular basis."

June 29,2016

"Logically laid out, this book begins with the basics, and works its way to more complicated areas - starting with electricity and "how it actually works," then moving into more advanced areas such as switches and relays, adding new circuits, ignition, reading wiring diagrams, modules, buses and digital data, the dreaded OBD-II, and often inscrutable sensors. The how and why of basic electrical principles are explained clearly throughout, and Siegel shows you how to test them. You don?t have to feel intimidated - Siegel conveys the sometimes unfathomable world of electrical systems into easier-to-understand language (note I said "easier," not "easy") with practical real world scenarios, analogies, and a plethora of sidebars, drawings, photographs, and diagrams to back up the text."

July 29,2016