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Adrian Streather

Adrian Graham Streather was born on December 25, 1958 in Australia. Upon leaving school he joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 1975, where he trained as a Scientific Instrument Maker and gained additional qualifications in the electronics field. After leaving RAAF in 1987, he went straight into civil aviation, gaining license in the avionics and electrical fields. After traveling around to various locations and jobs within Australia he was invited to join the Austrian aviation company Rheintalflug, based in Switzerland. The Streather family left Australia in 1993 and proceeded to Switzerland where Adrian worked as the Engineering Manager until October 31st 2003 when he was asked to leave by the new company owners (Austrian Airlines) because they had removed all the aircraft from the fleet and decided to shut the operation down completely. 10 years worth of work was undone in a flash but Adrian now has a new career to pursue, writing books.

Adrian's personal involvement in motor racing and automobiles started very young. "My first recollection of model bulding was a 1930 Bentley racing car. My mother actually worked with the famous British racing driver Jim Clark in the early 1950s. Maybe it was in the genes," Adrian recollects. In 1978 he and a friend started rally racing and then moved into track racing, where he raced a Suzuki GS 1000S motorcycle. The ever increasing financial burden of this hobby forced him out of the scene and his racing career was short lived. His passion for automobiles, however was not.

Overtaken on the south eastern freeway in 1978 by two 911SCs furthered Adrian's passion, "All I remember was seeing their wide rear ends disappearing into the distance and me saying I have got to get me one of those." In 1993 he purchased a black, 1979 924. He then progressed onto a 944 (which has since been given to his daughter Stephanie) and then finally he purchased his first 911. The 1989, 911 (964) Carrera 4 hooked him for life and fueled his involement in the Porsche scene around the world.

Quickly discovering that the technical knowledge about the 964 series was extremely limited, he set himself to the task of finding out everything he could about the inner workings of the Carrera 4. Adrian found himself instructing the mechanics at his local repair facility on how the C4 worked. He continues to share his knowledge on forums such as Rennlist and Smartgroups, which led him to write his first book, Porsche 911 (964): 1989-1994 Enthusiast's Companion™. The 911SC version has been submitted to Bentley Publishers for editing and another similar book, this time on the 993 series is under development.

Adrian also spends a lot of time helping Porsche owners in general but mainly 964 owners privately with their problems or questions. Many Porsche owners are private people and prefer to work with others with the security of anonymity.

Adrian is also involved in two Porsche clubs. He is a PCA member, membership no 2002034665 and belongs to the PCA Germany region. Adrian is also a member of the UK based TIPEC (The independent Porsche enthusiasts club). Adrian was at one stage the Gruppe and Regional Officer for all of Europe for the club and in 2000 was awarded the Regional officer of the year prize. However since the passing of his daughter Natalie, Adrian has cut back heavy club commitments and started work on the charity front. Adrian also assists by providing research advice and information to other clubs in various areas. A recent project saw Adrian compiling data on all drivers who have participated at Le Mans.

Adrian lives in the village of Walzenhausen with his wife, Gail Kerrin, daughter Stephanie Lauren and son Jeremy Lyndon. Their home is nestled in the mountains overlooking Austria, Germany and Lake Konstanz in the far north east corner of Switzerland.