H.G. Conway
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H.G. Conway

Hugh G. Conway was an internationally recognized expert on Ettore Bugatti, the Bugatti family, and all aspects of the history of Bugatti racing and competition cars. In addition to writing the books Grand Prix Bugatti, Bugatti Magnum and Bugatti - Le Pur Sang des Automobiles, he was also a regular contributor to Bugantics, the official magazine of the Bugatti Owner's Club.

In 1987, Conway, along with a small group of Bugatti enthusiasts, formed The Bugatti Trust, an organization devoted to the study of the works of Ettore Bugatti. Conway's vast collection of original Bugatti photographs, writings and artwork became the genesis of the Bugatti Trust archive. Sadly, Conway passed away in 1989 before he saw The Bugatti Trust established as a facilty open to the public interested in Bugatti research. However, the sale of one of Conway's Bugattis provided the funding used to purchase The Bugatti Trust's present home at Prescott Hill in Gloucestershire, England.

(Above photograph of Hugh G. Conway with Michel Bugatti at Molsheim in 1989 courtesy of the Bugatti Trust Photo Archive)