Al Kirschenbaum
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Al Kirschenbaum
A car enthusiast for most of his life, Al Kirschenbaum combined his interests in technology, motorsports, writing, illustration, and photography to pursue a thirty-year career in automotive photojournalism.
     After working for some of the New York area's leading civil engineering firms and in sales, service, and parts at a couple of high-volume East Coast new-car dealerships, Al filled a number of editorial positions with Manhattan-based auto enthusiast magazines.  He later moved west to join Petersen Publishing in Los Angeles, where he worked as Car Craft magazine's feature editor and later as Hot Rod's technical editor.  On staff, he specialized in technical and historical assignments and combined both to generate an extensive body of Motown musclecar material.  He also produced several performance-oriented publications for Petersen and later launched their specialty title, Musclecar Classics.  
     During this time, Al has built, restored, wrenched, tuned, and raced a variety of high-performance on-road and off-road vehicles and reported on many of these efforts in print. He has also freelanced technical and historical articles to most of the major auto enthusiast publications. For the last decade, Al's spent the majority of his time researching and writing Mustang 5.0 Technical Reference & Performance Handbook :1979-1993 .