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Audi eBahnŽ Media Kit
(No License)

by Audi of America, Inc.

DVD-ROM, eBahn Version 3.0, Valid email address required, Windows 2000, XP
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1549-3
Price: $9.95

Before purchasing, please check the minimum system requirements.

Click here for available Audi platforms
Click here for system requirements and installation instructions
Click here for eBahn Version 3.0 Upgrade charges

What is eBahn?
eBahn is a software application which allows you to access automotive technical repair information from your computer.

What are eBahn Media Kits?
eBahn Media Kits are DVDs that contain the eBahn Reader program along with the encrypted repair manual content for the current vehicle platforms associated with a car make, either Volkswagen or Audi. eBahn users purchase vehicle-specific License Serial Numbers that unlock the repair manual content on the DVD.

Why get an eBahn DVD Media Kit?
To upgrade from a previous eBahn version ? Registered users of previous editions of eBahn (Version 2.5 and older) can use the online upgrade form to upgrade their eBahn Reader to Version 3.0. Visit www.BentleyPublishers.com/ebahn/v3/upgrade.htm
Value for multiple platform users ? Shops, independent technicians or users who need information on more than one vehicle will find using a DVD Media Kit a better value than purchasing individual eBahn DVD-ROMs. eBahn License Serial Numbers cost $109.95 per vehicle platform versus $129.95 for individual DVD-ROMs.
Less packaging ? eBahn users planning to install the entire content onto the hard drive won't need the DVD-ROM jewel case.

I have my eBahn DVD Media Kit, what do I do next?
If you are upgrading from a previous edition of eBahn, visit the eBahn section of www.BentleyPublishers.com and follow the links to the Online Upgrade form.
If you are using eBahn for the first time, visit www.BentleyPublishers.com/ebahn/v3/buyserialnumber to purchase the License Serial Numbers. Using your serial number, you can use our online activation process to unlock your content that will unlock the repair information content. eBahn licenses are available by vehicle platform.

How do I know I have the most current version of eBahn?
Once you installed and registered your eBahn repair information, you can access the ?Check for Updates? function under the Help pull-down menu. Newer versions have a separate ?Updates? pull-down menu. This function will check to see if there have been any updates to either the eBahn Reader or the repair information.

How do I access technical support for eBahn?
Technical support is available at www.BentleyPublishers.com/websupport

Online purchase of eBahn licenses and serial numbers
The eBahn License consists of two (2) serial numbers specific to a vehicle platform. These serial numbers are used to unlock encrypted repair information through the eBahn Desktop program. Each eBahn License costs $109.95 and is available for purchase at www.bentleypublishers.com/ebahn/v3/buyserialnumber

Available Audi platforms:

Audi A3 2006-2009
Bentley stock No. A8PX

Audi Q7 2007-2009
Bentley stock No. A4LX

Audi R8 2008-2009
Bentley stock No. A42X

Audi A5, S5: 2008-2008,
Audi A4: -2009

Bentley stock No. AB8X

Audi A4, A4 Avant: 2002-2007
Audi A4 Cabriolet: 2003-2006
Audi S4, S4 Avant: 2004-2007
Audi S4 Cabriolet: 2004-2007
Audi RS4: 2007-2008

Bentley stock No. AB6X

Audi A4: 1996-2001
A4 Avant: 1998-2001
S4: 2000-2002
S4 Avant: 2001-2002

Bentley stock No. AB5X

Audi A6: 2005-2009
A6 Avant: 2006
S6: 2007-2009

Bentley stock No. AC6X

Audi A6: 1998-2004
A6 Avant: 1999-2004
allroad quattro: 2001-2005
S6 Avant: 2002-2004
RS6: 2003-2004

Bentley stock No. AC5X

Audi A8 2005-2009
A8 L: 2004-2009
S8: 2007-2009

Bentley stock No. AD3X

Audi A8: 1997-2003
S8: 2001-2003
Bentley stock No. AD2X

Audi Cabriolet: 1994-1998
Bentley stock No. AB3X

Audi TT: 2008-2009
Bentley stock No. A8JX

Audi TT Coupe: 2000-2006
TT Roadster: 2001-2006

Bentley stock No. ATTX

Audi 100, S4 Sedan
Wagon: 1992-1994
A6, S6, Sedan: 1995-1997
S6 Wagon: 1995
A6 Wagon: 1995-1998

Bentley stock No. AC4X

Audi 90: 1993-1995
Bentley stock No. A90X

Upgrade to eBahn Version 3.0
Users of previous versions of eBahn Reader (version 2.54, version 2.5 and version 1.0) can upgrade the program at a discount. You will need to purchase a DVD Media Kit ($3.00 for each Volkswagen or Audi DVD, plus shipping) and the eBahn License for the corresponding vehicle platform ($20.00 when purchasing as part of an upgrade). You will also need to set up a BentleyPublishers.com Member Center Profile at https://www.BentleyPublishers.com/membercenter/

Benefits of registration ? Registering with a valid email address enables us to give you online software technical support. Registration also allows for content and software upgrades through the ?Check for Updates? function in eBahn Version 3.0. You'll also be able to manage your eBahn manuals, participate in online technical discussions and much more.

If you already have a BentleyPublishers.com Member Center Profile, you're ready to upgrade to Version 3.0 using the online upgrade form. You will need the serial numbers from the eBahn manuals you wish to upgrade and you will be asked to send the old disc(s) back to us.
Complete information is available at www.BentleyPublishers.com/ebahn/v3/upgrade.htm

    System Requirements:

  • DVD drive
  • Intel(r) Pentium(r) 4 processor or higher
  • PC with Windows 2000(r) or Windows XP(r)
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Microsoft(r) Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0
  • Up to 700 MB per vehicle platform

    Instructions for installation and use:
    1. Install Reader from DVD (setup.exe)
    2. Using the Installation Wizard, select the vehicle platform(s) you want to install
    3. Purchase the eBahn license for the vehicle platform(s) you want to install from www.BentleyPublishers.com
    4. Activate the appropriate vehicle platforms using the License Manager on your eBahn Desktop

Charges for Upgrade to eBahn Version 3.0

US DomesticInternational Airmail*International FedEx
eBahn license$20.00$20.00$20.00
DVD Media Kit$9.95$9.95$9.95

* Canada, Australia, and Western Europe

Audi eBahn Media Kit (No License)
Audi eBahn Media Kit (No License)
ISBN: 978-0-8376-1549-3 (ISBN-13)
Permalink: http://www.bentleypublishers.com/c/ANLK

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